We are a law firm that enjoys recognition in the legal services market. Our strength is experience and knowledge gained in Poland and abroad. The use of modern technologies takes our services to a new dimension.

Our team, made up of the best specialists in the field of law and taxes, guarantees a thorough solution to our clients' problems. Our solutions are always tailored to ours Clients individual needs.

As a few, we also provide our services in Russian and English. Our offices are located in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Moscow and Tbilisi.


Our services are provided by experienced and highly qualified specialists in various fields of law. We are perfectly prepared for our profession and ready to be fully involved in solving your problems.


Individual approach is the key to success. We work in direct agreement with the client, whose needs are always our priority.

Timeliness and effectiveness

Assistance is effective only when it is timely. The value of our services results from the knowledge and professionalism of our Team, which, using the latest technologies, works to meet your expectations.

Qualified team

Our employees and associates are graduates of the best Polish and foreign Universities. We are fluent in Polish, Russian and English.


A team of qualified specialists helps in solving problems in many areas. We place special emphasis on the individual needs of our clients.


The lawyer's willingness to defend his client's interests in court is as important as the ability to propose alternative methods of resolving the dispute. The lawsuit entails a significant delay, and thus causes financial losses. We have experience and knowledge thanks to which we can deal with escalating conflict. We offer the following alternative solutions that will avoid going to court:

  • Arbitration,
  • Mediation,
  • Legal analysis of the dispute and selection of the best pre-trial solution.


PWe have experience, skills and qualifications that allow us to conduct court cases at every stage of the process. The mode of action we choose is always tailored to your individual needs. We make sure that the costs and risks associated with the lawsuit are minimised. We provide customer representation in all instances and at every stage of the process. We offer legal trial services in terms of:

  • Identification of the dispute risk along with an assessment of the prospects of its resolution,
  • Developing a dispute resolution strategy and legal position,
  • Representation before common and administrative courts,
  • Support in the enforcement of court decisions, including foreign court decisions.


We protect the interests of our clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, primarily in matters related to economic and tax crimes. The main areas of our practice are:

  • Advising and representing clients in criminal transactions regarding tax crimes, economic crime and corruption,
  • Participation in procedural acts at every stage of criminal proceedings,
  • Legal risk analysis related to the activities of legal companies bodies of a capital company,
  • Legal-criminal assessment of transactions and business projects.


As a law office with branches in several countries, we have the resources necessary to support all projects related to the international banking and financial sector. This is evidenced by the successes of our specialists in providing advice to regarding investment and commercial banks, financial organisations, government agencies, hedge funds, trustees and other participants of capital market transactions. We advise on the following legal and regulatory issues related to banking and financial activities:

  • Project financing,
  • Banking regulations,
  • Corporate and commercial loans,
  • Merger and acquisition financing,
  • Financial and tax planning,
  • Debt restructuring.


We have many years of experience in consulting in all areas of national and international taxes. Our lawyers and specialists in the field of tax consulting provide the following services related to tax consulting:

  • Tax analysis of contracts, transactions and investment projects,
  • Tax due diligence,
  • Representing clients during tax audits,
  • Tax risk analysis,
  • Oral and written advice on tax issues,
  • Application of double taxation conventions between Poland and other countries,
  • Simplification of foreign corporate structures and reduction of administrative and organisational costs.


The protection of intellectual property rights is crucial for the commercial success of an enterprise. The availability of information and the speed of copying innovations make the protection of intellectual property key to maintaining the company's competitive advantage. Services in this area include protection of copyrights, personal data, confidential information and related rights related to production secrets (know-how). In particular:

  • Advice on intellectual property rights,
  • Development of agreements regarding the transfer of intellectual property rights, license agreements and agreements regarding the creation of agreements about intellectual property,
  • Disputes regarding trademarks and service marks, domains and patents,
  • Protection of personal data and confidential information.


We offer comprehensive legal services to enterprises. The Law Firm supports clients at all stages of the company's operation. Our lawyers and specialists accompany you in making business decisions, including negotiations, in disputes with contractors and in training employees. An extensive network of business partners in the world allows sharing knowledge about business practices in different countries and in various sectors of the economy. As part of our services we offer:

  • Legal services for business operations of Polish and foreign enterprises,
  • Business sales consultancy,
  • Research legal due diligence of companies,
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Poland, Russia and other countries,
  • Creation of a new corporate structure and optimisation of the corporate governance system,
  • Participation in negotiations, representing clients and preparing legal opinions,
  • Company registration.


Bankruptcy is sometimes the only sensible way out of a crisis. We have extensive experience in representing the interests of debtors and creditors at all stages of insolvency proceedings. We always stand on the side of the client and the company to protect his interests. Conducting bankruptcy proceedings we offer services of:

  • Collecting and analysing information about the debtor's financial standing,
  • Developing a restructuring strategy using bankruptcy procedures,
  • Representation of creditor's interests in relations with the liquidator,
  • Representation before bankruptcy courts,
  • Procedures for entry in the register of creditors.


The Law Firm helps to solve all problems related to the sphere of migration. We advise both Polish citizens as well as citizens of other countries and stateless persons. We support clients in preparing documents related to obtaining a temporary residence permit and work permit. We also help in applying for citizenship of the Republic of Poland and other countries. Our services in the field of migration law are:

  • Assistance in proceedings regarding obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit as well as an EU resident,
  • Assistance in proceedings regarding the application for citizenship of the Republic of Poland,
  • Assistance in obtaining residence permits or citizenship of other countries,
  • Conducting proceedings regarding obtaining a work permit.


We offer comprehensive advice on the creation, transformation and liquidation of companies as well as other legal entities. What's more, in cooperation with our partners, we can offer sales of ready-made companies, free of any debt and legal defects. We offer our clients in particular:

  • Registration of capital and personal companies in Poland and abroad,
  • Carrying out the process of changing the structure of companies, the management board, shareholders and stockholders,
  • Representation of clients in disputes with shareholders or stockholders,
  • Conducting the liquidation process of companies,
  • Sale of ready-made companies in Poland and abroad,
  • Preparation of the corporate documentation.


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